Culture, polygamy driving land fragmentation in West Nile

19th May 2019
There was a heated debate among leaders from West Nile, over land control arising from cultural and polygamy practices driving land fragmentation in the region. Women leaders particularly blamed the culture of polygamy where men allocate land to each woman and the most hardworking takes the biggest share. They said the only land that they share equally is the husbands land. The debate followed President Yoweri Museveni plea to leaders to...
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Politics must be productive, developmental - Museveni

18th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has said politics must lead to development and economic transformation in order for it to be meaningful to the people. “Politics should not be barren, it must lead to development and transformation The Politics of NRM has produced development in Lango and the whole country,” he said.
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Project centered SACCOs will boost jobs, wealth creation - Museveni

16th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has said government is considering introducing project centered SACCOs to support grass-root initiatives aimed at creating jobs and improving incomes for the rural poor. “We have experimented this in Kasandha and realized that if we encouraged wanaichi to join SACCOs that promote their interests, it would be easier for government to channel money in those respective SACCOs for easy access for them to boost their...
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Oil prospects should not divert you from creating jobs, wealth

16th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has urged the people of Bunyoro, especially the youth not to be diverted by prospects in the oil sector and ignore engagement in job and wealth creation activities. “Oil is good and it is coming but don’t be swayed from engaging in wealth and job creation activities. Government has identified seven sectors that every Ugandan can get involved in to create wealth and improve incomes,” he said.
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Markets, strategic security will ensure Africa’s prosperity – Museveni

15th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has said market and political integration of Africa for strategic security will stimulate the continents prosperity and rapid economic transformation for the continent. “The modern way for prosperity is exchange of goods and services for sell, the more the buyers the better. We now have the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) where you can trade with anybody. East Africa is highly compatible...

President pledges District Hospital for Omoro, road to Moroto.

12th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has highly commended the people of Omoro District in the Acholi Sub-Region, for choosing good leaders like the District Woman MP, Hon. Catherine Lamwaka, who support Government Development programmes. The President was addressing residents of Omoro District during celebrations marking the victory of Hon. Lamwaka who was returned Woman MP in the previous general elections. The celebrations took place yesterday at Opit...
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President launches Internet connectivity project for West Nile and Karamoja

11th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has launched phase four of the National Backbone Infrastructure Connectivity project for West Nile. The ceremony took place today at St. Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School grounds in Koboko District. The government of Uganda through the National Information Technology, Uganda (NITA-U), with funding from the World Bank, is implementing the national backbone infrastructure and e-government infrastructure project to...

Rally citizens to fight poverty, Museveni urges leaders

10th May 2019
Leaders at all levels should make fighting household poverty their number one priority lest the situation becomes a national crisis, President Museveni has said.  Speaking to over 1,000 leaders from Tooro region on Thursday at Kalya Courts Hotel in Fort Portal town, President Museveni said it was dangerous that 68 percent of the population was still engaged in subsistence agriculture and were not part of the money economy. 
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President commissions 10 factories in Jinja and Buikwe Districts

8th May 2019
President Yoweri Museveni  commissioned a total of 10 factories in Jinja Municipality, Jinja District of Busoga Sub-Region and in the neighbouring District Buikwe in the Central Region of Uganda. The factories that are in Jinja Municipality are owned by an entrepreneur called Patel Meghi Magan and they include Nile Aluminum Ltd, Nile Agro-Industries, Auromeera Industries Ltd, Modern Distilleries, Nile Batteries and Modern Laminates.

President Museveni, Mnangagwa push for market integration

27th April 2019
President Yoweri Museveni has said that Uganda and Zimbabwe should emphasize economic cooperation through market integration to enable our people stand on their own feet. “We should emphasize economic cooperation. We should enable our people to stand on their own feet. One of the 10 strategic bottlenecks is market integration. Zimbabwe and Southern Africa at large have got a good potential to trade with East Africa and empower our people...

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