President attends fundraising service

Sunday 4th November 2018

President Yoweri Museveni has pledged Shs.500 million towards All Saints’ New Cathedral construction project. The Cathedral is the seat of the Anglican Diocese of Kampala.

The President, who joined Christians at the Cathedral in a fundraising service, also visited the new Cathedral construction site and gave Shs. 50 million in cash. He congratulated the Christians for having considered the  expansion of the existing Cathedral structure. Parliamentary Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and Minister for Kampala City Authority, Hon. Betty Kamya,  among other dignitaries, attended the function.

“I congratulate you for being convicted to build a bigger house for the Lord.  The church is unique and nearing completion,” he observed.

The President urged Christians who are educated and those with means, to think of ways of developing the country and asked them to teach and mentor Christians who are struggling financially, how to economically empower themselves. He added that by doing this, they would be following the example of Christ who was a  carpenter, fed the hungry, preached the Word and healed the sick.

“To build this church, it would be easy if all the Christians were following what Jesus did. If all Christians worked, this place would be built in a short time. You  Christians must wake up those who are sleeping. Every Christian must engage in an economic activity, for example, commercial agriculture, or operate in the services sector or embrace ICT.  Ask yourself, how are you, as a Christian contributing to any of these?” he asked.

He advised  Christians to refrain from the ‘escapist' attitude of saying that they are mere visitors on earth. He reiterated that this encourages them to run away from their responsibilities of working and developing the country. We must subdue nature and use it for both God`s and Man`s good.

He further said that Christians must love without selfishness and refrain from  doing evil as the commandment was given to them by Jesus.

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love your self,” he said.

Church of Uganda Archbishop, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali thanked the  President for his support, partnership and friendship to the Church of Uganda. He expressed gratitude for the President’s previous contribution of Shs. 50 million towards phase 1 of the Cathedral’s building project.

“I particularly welcome His Excellency who is our parishioner and a neighbor tothe Cathedral. Thank you for visiting the new site. The church is grateful for  your continued support towards the people of Uganda,” he said.

He explained that the church had embarked on a new building project becausethey had a challenge of space constraints that could not accomodate the ever growing church members. He added that new church would be able to seat   5000 people per service, have adequate space for offices and considerable public space.

He revealed that they hope to relocate to the new church building by Christmas this year. He informed the congregation that the new building would be the Metropolitan Church for the whole of Kampala Diocese.

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