President Yoweri Museveni's remarks at South Sudan 3rd Independence Anniversary Celebrations held in Juba

Wednesday 9th July 2014

I came here to congratulate you on the 3rd anniversary of your independence.

The people of South Sudan suffered for a long time and for no good reason. We were, therefore, very happy when you finally got your independence 3 years ago.

As the Bishop said when he was praying, there may be problems but the fact of your independence is irreversible and I congratulate you.

Countries and societies are like human beings. As you grow up, you face a lot of challenges, but if you learn from those challenges you will succeed. Am sure the people of South Sudan have learnt through your experience during the period of liberation and after liberation.

When I first came here, the town was ending by the first hill. Now it is beyond that hill and is also encroaching another hill in the distance. All those houses are not built by the Government of South Sudan. It is the people of South Sudan whose energies have had been stifled and which were unleashed by your independence.

The peace which was agreed in Addis is important. If all parties respect the Addis agreement, it will mean total peace of the country and you would continue with your journey of progress.

Near here, you have your relatives called Ugandans. Those relatives will always stand with the people of South Sudan.

With these few words, I congratulate His Excellency Salva Kiir and the people of South Sudan.

I wish you success in all enterprises you are engaged in.


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