The Government

Uganda is a Sovereign State and a Republic. It is a sitting member of the United Nations, African Union, The East African Community and the Commonwealth. The Government of the Republic of Uganda is a Democracy made up of three arms: The Executive – comprising of president, vice president, prime minister, cabinet; The Legislative - parliament; and The Judiciary - Magistrates' Courts, High Court, Court of Appeals (Constitutional Court), Supreme Court. The Constitution of Uganda was promulgated October 8, 1995 on the eve of Uganda’s Independence Day anniversary held annually on October 9 since 1962.

Branches of the Government

The Constitution of Uganda

The Constitution is the supreme law of Uganda. The present constitution was adopted on 8 October 1995. It is Uganda's fourth constitution since the country''s independence from Britain in 1962. The first Constitution was adopted in 1962 only to be replaced 4 years later in 1966. The 1966 Constitution, passed in a tense political environment and without debate, was replaced in 1967.