First Lady urges women to nurture trustworthy people

Saturday 10th March 2012

From left. Mrs Janet Museveni (in hut waving) with Woman MP Mubende Benny NamugwFrom left. Mrs Janet Museveni (in hut waving) with Woman MP Mubende Benny Namugwanya Bugembe and the LC V Chairman Mubende Kibuuka Francis Amooti waving at a group of women in Mubende District. PICTURE BY FRANCIS KIBIRIGE

The First Lady and Karamoja Affairs Minister Janet Museveni has urged women to effectively play their role of bringing up healthy families with individuals who are God fearing, honest and hard working.

She says if these seeds are planted at family level they will germinate into a healthy nation with trustworthy people who will be the leaders at all levels and will not be involved in any corrupt acts.

Janet Museveni was addressing a mammoth gathering that turned up for the Women’s Day Celebrations for Mubende District at the Mayor’s Gardens in Mubende Town Council on Friday 9/03/2012.

The colourful celebrations were organised by the Mubende District Women Council in collaboration with the Woman MP Mubende Benny Namugwanya Bugembe and the other Area MPS and Mubende District Local Government.

The celebrations followed a three day camp for women to share experiences, internalize the year’s theme and forge a way forward for the advancement of women in Mubende District.

Janet Museveni encouraged the educated women to also educate other women on nutritious feeding of families so as to bring up children with both healthy bodies and minds and consequently a healthy nation in the future.

She used her personal experience when she strived to bring up her children while in exile by making homemade jam and selling it to supermarkets to teach the women to work hard, overcome poverty, fight maternal health and raise thriving healthy families.

Janet Museveni praised the NRM Government for promoting the women of Uganda and giving them their rightful places like in Parliament and in Government changing the earlier thinking that the women’s place was only in the kitchen.

She encouraged the women of Mubende to actively participate in all the Government people centred programmes to generate income, improve their lives.
She commended Mubende leaders especially the MPs for working for unity and together saying this will ensure successful implementation of Government programmes in the District.

The Woman MP Mubende Benny Bugembe thanked the NRM Government for its efforts to educate the girl child saying this is the key to reversing people’s thinking that the woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Hajat Hawa Ssemakula, the Mubende District Women Council Chairperson, appealed to Government and other development partners to increase investment in the girls’ education in order to achieve this year’s theme of “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Future”.

The LVC V Chairman Mubende Kibuuka Francis Amooti highlighted domestic violence, land wrangles, inadequate resources, lack of funding for the Women SACCOs and lack of electricity in many areas as some of the issues hindering development in the District.

The celebrations, attended by the ICT State Minister and MP Kassanda South Nyombi Thembo and the other area MPs, Mubende District local leaders, NGOs and women from all over the District, were characterised by entertainment through songs, poems and dances from various women groups and children.


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