Over 160 FDC supporters cross to NRM as President calls for income, food security

Saturday 16th June 2012
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President Yoweri Museveni has called on leaders to sensitize the people about priority zonal projects that promote both food and income security, saying it is only through modernizing agriculture that households can fight poverty.

The President was yesterday holding an impromptu citizens rally at the Cricket ground in Mbale district during his two day official tour in the region.


“The problem of poverty revolves around not having enough income at home and not having enough food. The answer to that is to use agriculture in a modern way to fight poverty especially in the rural areas. In Bugisu there has been a lot of land fragmentation and there are small pieces of land. Your leaders should sensitize you on how to exploit them profitably through identifying the right enterprises,” he said.

In March, President Museveni held agricultural conferences for leaders in all zones in Uganda with the aim of identifying viable enterprises that farmers in the rural areas can practice to improve their agriculture production. He called on leaders to create awareness among the people and empower them to access information that can help them make the right choices to improve production.

“In the villages, the solution is to use land maximally for both incomes and food security. For the people in the town centers especially in peri-urban areas, the important thing is for them to get involved in enterprises such as rearing poultry for eggs, mushroom growing etc. The youth should be encouraged to acquire skills in carpentry, metal fabrication, brick laying, tailoring and trade in the markets and shops. Government has money to support you with all this but when we send it, it does not reach the people, we will find a solution to this,” he said.

During the same meeting over 160 former supporters of FDC crossed into NRM and vowed allegiance to the party for its development programmes.

The President welcomed them to the party and called on the NRM supporters to embrace the new comers. He said he would commit time to meet the new members. He called on the people to join SACCOs. He said money which is invested in SACCOs if not ‘eaten’  can multiply and help more people.

The rally was attended by various ministers, local and district leaders.



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