A Nation is as Strong as its Family Units: says Janet Museveni

Tuesday 19th June 2012

The First Lady Janet Museveni has urged Christian parents to jealously guard the responsibility that God has entrusted to them as shepherds of their children.

First Lady Janet Museveni, Jeannette Kagame and Mrs. Grace Neslon singing praiseFirst Lady Janet Museveni, Jeannette Kagame and Mrs. Grace Neslon singing praises at Serana Hotel in Kigali ’’We do many things while we are in this life, but I want to believe that there is nothing more important, among all the achievements we may accomplish, than bringing up even one child until he or she becomes a responsible, God-fearing individual in society’’ she said

Mrs. Museveni was speaking at the Rwanda Women Leaders Prayer Breakfast hosted by the First Lady of Rwanda Jeannette Kagame on the theme “Leadership and Family Values” held at the Serena Hotel in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on 17/06/2012.

Mrs. Museveni said that a nation is as strong as its family units adding that the family is the basic building block of any society. 

’’The family is often referred to as “the cradle of mankind, Families matter because God determined from the beginning that it would be within the safety of godly families that children would be loved, nurtured and groomed for their future’’ she said.

Mrs. Museveni challenged African Leaders  to exert their   influence in a Christ-like manner; just like salt influences the taste of food yet it’s presence in the food is in such small amounts saying leadership, at any level, means serving others – not waiting for others to serve us.

 She commended and encouraged Christians in Rwanda to continue and institutionalize the Prayer Breakfast which will strengthen the foundations of their nation and multiply the blessings in that Country that only come from God.

In her remarks the First Lady of Rwanda Mrs. Jeannette Kagame recognized Mrs. Museveni’s role in her spiritual journey.  She said;

 “I remember that in one of my moments of doubt caused by the role of the church in the genocide against the Tutsi, I found comforting words from my sister and friend, Janet Museveni who reminded me that one’s relationship with God is personal.  It is not based on the dictates, management or character of any institution or individual”

Mrs. Kagame further called for transparency and truthfulness among leaders at any level in society saying Leadership comes with much responsibility and many expectations.

‘’ By the force of their characters and the integrity of their ways, they command moral authority and earn the respect of others. This is what great leadership is about!’’ she added.


She described Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Fairness, Nobility, Loyalty and Servant hood as some of values that form the core of a true leader.

‘’We must, of necessity, ensure that we have leaders who are role models and who are capable of transmitting positive moral values to the next generation,’’ she said.


The preacher of the day Mrs. Christine Gatabazi, the Leader of Vessels of Honour an Interdenominational Body called upon women leaders to embrace their leadership responsibility without compromising their primary role of being wives and mothers. She said that the tendency of women leaders to prove themselves causes them to sacrifice their families most of the time.  She therefore admonished leaders to live purposefully and to set their priorities right in serving their nations.


The Prayer breakfast was also attended by Mrs. Grace Nelson wife of Us Senator Bill Nelson, guests from Jordan, Ethiopian, Burundi and Uganda, Rwandan women leaders who prayed for peace and poverty to end in Africa.


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