President welcomes measures taken to promote trade between Uganda and South Sudan

Friday 22nd June 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has welcomed the joint efforts that have been undertaken promote harmonious living and good trade relations between the people of Southern Sudan and Uganda. He pledged support by the Government of Uganda to all efforts that are being expended to ensure security and safety of the citizens of the 2 countries while conducting cross border business transactions between the 2 neighbours. He commended the relations between the 2 countries and emphasized that the co-operative relations between
South Sudan and Uganda were excellent and mutually beneficial.

The President was speaking during a meeting that he held with a visiting delegation from the Republic of South Sudan, led by that country’s Inspector General of Police, General Acuil Tito Madut. The meeting took place yesterday at the President’s up-country ranch in Kisozi, Gomba district. The visiting South Sudan Police Chief and his Ugandan counterpart,
Lt. General Kale Kayihura, jointly, briefed President Museveni on the measures and modalities that are being undertaken by the Police  Forces of the 2 neighbouring countries, to ensure the citizens of the two sister countries conduct their business transactions safely.

The Police Chiefs also briefed the President on the joint security efforts that are being conducted to ensure safety and harmonious living of the citizens of the two countries when residing in each other’s countries.The South Sudanese IGP assured President Museveni that President Salva Kiir and the entire government of South Sudan, are committed
to the protection of Ugandans who work and conduct their business transactions in Southern Sudan.

Ugandan traders export a variety of merchandise to the Republic of South Sudan such as fresh agricultural products, water, alcohol,cooking oil, cows, textile products and hardware materials, among others. South Sudan achieved independence on July 9th 2011, becomingAfrica’s 54th youngest nation with an estimated population of over 8
million. Uganda is bordered to the North by South Sudan. According to the World Bank, South Sudan has been Uganda’s largest trading partner since 2007 adding that for both informal and formal trade combined, South Sudan is the largest destination for Uganda’s exports; “larger than any other destination in the world”.

The World Bank further says that “while formal imports from Uganda were US$246 million in 2008, informal imports were estimated to be as much as US$389 million in the same year.

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