President advises people in Kasese people to live harmoniously

Monday 6th August 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has called on the different tribes residing in Kasese district in Western Uganda, to live harmoniously and endeavour to reach consensus on the issue of Busongora’s traditional matter through dialogue.

The President was yesterday addressing a public rally held at Katwe Kabatoro Town Council, Busongora in Kasese district where he was drumming up support for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party flag bearer for Kasese district Woman MP by-elections, Mrs. Rehema Muhindo.

The by-election is slated for Wednesday August 8th. The slot fell vacant recently when FDC’s Winfred Kiiza was thrown out of Parliament.

President Museveni reminded the people of Kasese district which is home to 6 tribes is theirs all and as such they should protect, defend and develop their area together.

Regarding the forthcoming be-elections, Mr. Museveni called on the people of Kasese district to rally solidly behind the NRM flag bearer, Mrs. Rehema Muhindo. He reminded them of the numerous achievements registered by the Movement government since ascending to power in 1986. He cited the successful pacification of the Kasese area by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) after defeating renegade Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) banditry, social and economic services that have been strengthened in the area as manifested by the undisputed growth of Kasese Town. He said that roads that include the Bwera – Katunguru stretch, among others, that have been constructed as well as the education sector which is quite booming in the district of Kasese.

The President, who is also the National Chairman of the NRM, added that the health sector is now vibrant and with maternal mortality rates have been drastically reduced. He informed the people of the area that industrial establishments, such as Hima Cement Factory that currently produces 90 tons of cement daily, is instrumental in the construction sector not only in Uganda but also in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and other counties.

The NRM National Chairman advised them not to waste time on bad leaders who are liars, the likes of Kiiza Besigye, because they have no development agenda for this country.

President Museveni pledged to improve the water system in Katwe town and Kasese district in general, repair the salt factory and other infrastructure in the area. He, however, warned them not to mix up issues pertaining specifically to the district with the development plans of the NRM government.


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