“Household income is sure way of transformation of Uganda” – President

Sunday 26th August 2012

President Yoweri Museveni has said that boosting household income and overcoming poverty at household level, was the only sure way and firm foundation to propel the development and transformation of Uganda. He noted that whereas government may do her part and put in place all development infrastructures, if citizens cannot utilize them and better their individual and family income regimes, the country’s efforts to develop would be in vain.

The President made the remarks yesterday at Ruharo Primary School, in Ruharo Parish Ishaka-Bushenyi Municipality in Bushenyi district. He was addressing residents of the parish. The parish, with 930 homesteads, was selected for support under the Presidential Initiative on Poverty Eradication, to engage in modern agriculture and serve as an example to other parishes in the region in particular and the country generally that it was possible to overcome household poverty through modern agriculture on a small piece of land.

The President, who was accompanied by the Minister for Information and National Guidance and area Women MP, Hon.  Mary Karooro Okurut, the new Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs, Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere and Bushenyi district Chairman, Mr. Willis Bashaasha, visited a number of model farmers in the parish who included Mr. J. Kamugisha who earns Shs.12 million shillings annually on 6 acres, Mrs. Mugisha Fausta about Shs.4 million on half an acre, Mr. and Mrs. Kiwanuka A Shs.13 million annually from 3 acres, M/s Kyobutungi Ruth about Shs.30 million on 3 acres and Mr. Kamagara Cyril who earns Shs.11 million from 4 acres.

The farmers are variously engaged in such activities like dairy zero grazing, the growing of bananas, fruits, pineapples, vegetables, coffee as well as rearing of goats and piggery projects.

The President encouraged the residents of Ruharo Parish and all Ugandans to learn from the existing model farmers in their respective areas that government has supported. He said that with modern agricultural knowledge, especially on enterprises’ selection and modern practices of farming, one can engage in meaningful agriculture and get out of poverty.

He said that the National Resistance Movement Government is the only administration that has put in place deliberate policies and programmes that are aimed at fighting poverty up to the grass root level and also identified increased household earning as the only way to bring about meaningful development to the country.

The President pledged 2 agricultural tractors to Bushenyi district but strongly urged the district leaders to educate and support farmers to grow good pastures for animals since the area has poor pastures that cannot support modern animal farming.

Mr. Museveni, who also pledged Shs.100 million to Ruharo Parish SACCO, asked Ugandans to shun laziness and wasting of time on unproductive activities and endless politicking and emulate the examples of the model farmers and get out of poverty.

Bushenyi district LC5 Chairman, Mr. Willis Bashaasha, commended the President and the government for their intervention to solve the problem of poor road infrastructure by availing road units to all districts and municipalities in the country. He reported that the new road equipment for Bushenyi district and Ishaka Bushenyi Municipality had been delivered to the district and the poor roads in the area will soon be no more.

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