President Museveni advises Kenyans to embrace EAC integration

Friday 30th August 2013

State House Uganda - NewsState House Uganda - News President Yoweri Museveni has advised the people of  Kenya to embrace  the integration process of East Africa that will give the region  strength and leverage to compete favorably with world nations in terms  of trade.
" These days I am very excited on the issue of integration.We have  been suffering from a political anemia.But with the young leadership  of Kenya,President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Vice President William Ruto  we have got a new blood supply. I can now feel anemia improving," the  beaming President told the cheering crowd.
President Museveni made the remarks yesterday at the Mombasa  International Show held at Mombasa show ground in Mombasa County where  he was the guest of honor.
The President commended President Kenyatta for moving very fast in the  few months of his administration to remove 43 out of 45 road blocks  that dotted the road from Mombasa port to Malaba border post with  Uganda.The President,therefore, called on wanainchi in Kenya to  embrace the process of unification of the region to form a big market  that will not only attract investors but will also boost trade within  the East African countries and beyond.
"Why do you want to admire other peoples' strength? Why don't you want  to build your own strength.If you are not strong,nobody in the world  will strengthen you.If you build  united East Africa,we can bargain  with countries like America,Europe,China and others in terms of  trade," he said.
President Museveni illustrated his point by citing one of the  Kinyankole proverbs that goes,"when one invites you for a meal,he  expects you also to in turn invite him.But if you don't have anything  who will bother to invite you," he told the amused audience.
President Museveni also warned the wanainchi of Kenya against the  archaic cultural practice of inheritance that he stressed "must be  condemned".
"On this issue of inheritance,you need to talk about it.This backward  inheritance practice must be condemned.If a person has 10 acres of  land,he has to divide them among the children and there will be no  land left for production.Land should be for production and the  proceeds portioned out as shares to family members," he counseled.
Mr. Museveni further hailed President Kenyatta for handing out land  deeds to wanainchi whom he urged to adopt modern commercial farming.
" First of all I would like to thank President Kenyatta for the  agricultural show.Agriculture is very important.Today we are talking  about commercial agriculture for financial and food security. You  should know that the future lies in modern  agriculture,Industry,services and Information and Communications  Technology," he said.
The President further called on the people of Kenya to shun sectarian  tendencies a long tribal and religious leanings adding that we,the  people of East Africa value and need each other for purposes of trade.
"I am a Munyankole, and Banyankole are cattle keepers.All produce milk  and no one can buy from the other.Now who buys my milk?it is the  people of Kampala and neighboring counties.If I was only thinking  about the Banyankole I would be very poor.So don't get into conflict  with people who can help you," he counseled.
President Museveni later watched a spectacular livestock parade by  farmers and handed out certificates to the best performers in the 2013  Mombasa International Show, who included among others an 8 year old  girl Alyssa Jamal.
President Museveni on arrival at the Mombasa show grounds toured with  pomp the stalls accompanied by his host President Uhuru Kenyatta of  Kenya. They first visited State Department of Agriculture where they  were received and taken a round by the Mombasa County Director of  Agriculture Mr. Jonathan Sulubu.The 2 leaders also visited some of the  financial institution that support agriculture in Kenya like the Kenya  Central Bank,the Communications Commission of Kenya where the Chairman  Board of Directors M. Gituku welcomed them,the  Cooperative Bank where  they were received by the banks' Chairman Mr. Stanley Mushiri and the
 Kenya Ports Authority where the CEO KPA Mr.Gichiri Ndua welcomed the 2  leaders.
Welcoming his Guest to Mombasa show grounds, President Kenyatta  thanked President Museveni for finding time to visit the show.He  highlighted the importance of the removal of barriers that impede the  free movement and trade between the people of East Africa.
"The people of East Africa should be able to move freely a cross  borders to trade.People from Kenya should move freely and do business  in Uganda and the people of Kampala and Soroti should also be able to  bring their Matoke and food to sell to Kenyans,is that not good?" he  asked the crowd that responded in the affirmative amid ululations. The  Kenyan leader further noted that it was the only way forward  to  create a healthy situation to for our children and future generations  to come.
The Vice President William Ruto hailed the visionary leadership of  President Museveni of building strength in the region and forging a  head unity.
"Soon barriers that divided us will be eliminated.We want East Africa  that is United by trade and development.With President Musevenis'  vision we are confident that we shall have an East Africa that we will  be proud of," he said.

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