President mourns Mzee Kaisa, lauds his enterprising spirit

Sunday 24th November 2013

President Yoweri Museveni has saluted the late Sospeter Bamulangeyo Kaisa whose business acumen took a vertical integration in farming through combining animal farming, processing and crop farming in Namusambya village Kitayungwa Sub-County of Kamuli district in Busoga Sub-Region.

“I challenge the people of Kamuli to copy the farming practices that were exhibited by Mzee Kaisa who engaged in profitable agriculture  so that you get rid of poverty from your households”, the President said.

Mr. Museveni made the remarks while paying his last respects to Mzee Kaisa when he paid a visit to the deceased’s home yesterday evening to express his condolences to the family and relatives. The late Kaisa’s mortal remains were laid to rest yesterday after he succumbed to Parkinson’s disease on 19th November 2013 aged 95 years.

The President saluted Mzee Kaisa for nurturing and educating his children like Dr. Margaret Kaisa who served in various portfolios in the United Kingdom. He advised his  children who have attained a diversity of educational qualifications, including business administration, to ensure that they continue their late father’s  dream of to ensure the success of his enterprising spirit such as chicken rearing, dairy farming, milk processing, maize production and processing as well as  commercial food growing ventures.  

Parliamentary Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, State Minister for Regional Affairs, Mr.  Asuman Kiyingi, Kamuli LC5 Chairperson, Salaamu Musumba, Bishop Emeritus Cyprian Bamwoze, among others, attended the burial.

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