President Museveni Saluted for his outstanding contribution to AMISOM and Hospitality to Africans

Friday 6th June 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has called on the youth to promote Pan-Africanism and Modernization.

He made the call today at Makerere University where he delivered a key note address to the second Annual convention of the Great Lakes Students' Union.

The Students' union has a membership of over 5,000 University Student leaders.

The convention was held under the theme: “Towards a bright future of the youth in propelling unity, peace and prosperity.”

"There is need to have a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit from each other," the President said.

He warned that it is not proper to have a situation of some people being parasites to each other.

He stressed that we should work on what is common for all people.

President Museveni told the students that Africa suffered pseudo-ideology. He observed that with pseudo-ideology, institutions such as the army cannot be built.

He cited the experience within Uganda where the population experienced chaos between 1966 and 1986.

He was sad to note that 800,000 people were killed amidst violence.

He reminded the youth delegates that the problems experienced today in South Sudan and Somalia are due to the pseudo-ideology.

He condemned characters who promote sectarianism along tribes and religion.

He strongly criticized people promoting gender chauvinism by looking down upon women.

He said that women produce people and therefore, no one should look down upon them.

President said that in order to cure Africa from its challenges the society must have a correct diagnosis of issues.

He said that the Banyakole earn by selling milk, beef, bananas, coffee and tea.

He observed that they do not benefit from each other because they produce similar products.

He revealed that they get their wealth from the people of Kampala who buy their products and it was, therefore, improper for one to tout tribal lines.

He explained that the economy of the Banyankole is based on production which feeds the Ugandan market, regional and the international level and that this market is vital to the prosperity of the people.

He encouraged African countries to make their independent decisions adding that this would determine their development process.

The Convention of the Great Lakes Students' Union presented the Lake Victoria Award to President Museveni recognizing him for promoting peace, security and economic development.

The Somali Youth living in Uganda saluted the President for his outstanding contribution to AMISOM and for the hospitality he has accorded them.

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof. John Sentamu Ddumba saluted President Museveni for launching the Students' loan scheme.

He observed that his presence was testimony to the support he has provided to the youth in Uganda and Africa at large.

He revealed that Makerere University ranks second in Africa in research output and publications.

The Patron of the Great Lakes Students' Union, Gen. Elly Tumwine, said that the issue of the young people of the Great Lakes Region coming together is an energizer for the people of the region.

He called on the delegates to push for the prosperity of Africa. He saluted the President for supporting the youth.

The Chairman of the Great Lakes Students Union, Lewis David, noted that the youths have become prey to illegal activities.

He observed that the peace which the President has maintained in Uganda has attracted several students from other countries.

He further saluted him for fighting for peace.

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