Unity is a prerequisite for development-President Museveni

Thursday 12th June 2014

President Museveni yesterday chaired a Cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe, attended Owobusobozi Bisaka's 85th Birthday in Kibaale district and addressed a news conference in the evening at his country home in Rwakitura.

The President called on the followers of the Faith of Unity and Ugandans at large to maintain the spirit of unity as a prerequisite for development.

He made the call in Kagadi, Kibaale District during the 85th birthday celebrations and commissioning of the house of the leader of the Faith Owobusobozi Bisaka.

The congregation comprised of thousands of bare foot members dressed in white tunics.

“The motto of Okwahukana kuhoireho (separation is over) is good for unity of people. Omukulu Bisaka must have derived the motto from the problems of division Uganda suffered years ago. I thank the elder Bisaka for training you to maintain self-sufficiency.”

He congratulated elder Bisaka upon his 85th birthday and thanked the followers for building Bisaka, a modern house which came shortly after the completion of Itambiro in Kagadi.

He noted that the achievements recorded by the believers are a demonstration of being united.

President Museveni urged the followers to continue with their spirit of unity which would enable them to achieve their development goals.

He revealed that the construction of the Kigumba – Hoima – Kagadi – Kyenjojo road would soon commence since the NRM has fulfilled all the preparations for the project.

While responding to the request of elder Bisaka to endorse his book, (The book of God), President Museveni said that he would read it and give his advice/stand within two months.

The Curriculum Development Center gave the Faith of Unity a pre-condition of their book being endorsed by the President before they can approve it for use in the Schools.

President Museveni made a donation of Shs 40m and handed over cash of Shs 20m to facilitate the celebrations of the elder’s birthday and commissioning of his house. He said that the balance of Shs 20m would be delivered later.

Earlier, President Museveni officially presented Bisaka a Mitsubishi Pajero car which he donated to him at State House, Nakasero to the joy of followers of the Faith of Unity.

He toured an exhibition of some of the products made in the small scale industries operated by the followers.

They demonstrated products such as Herbal medicines, mosquito repellents, organic sugar and perfumes, among others.

The State Minister for Finance, Matia Kasaija saluted President Museveni for the proposed construction of the Kyenjojo – Kagadi – Hoima road.

He noted that it strengthens the linkage of the sub region to the rest of the country.

He thanked him for blessing the ceremony. He congratulated Owobusobozi on his 80th birthday.

He commended him for heeding his advice to build health centers and schools.

The Woman MP for Kibaale District, Robinah Nabbanja revealed that the people of Kibaale accepted the Kyankwanzi resolution to have President Museveni as the sole NRM Presidential candidate during the 2016 elections.

The leader of the Faith of Unity, Owobusobozi Bisaka saluted the President for commissioning his modern house and for the donation of a car.

He revealed that the followers were very happy with the presence of the President.

He said that it has 1,230 branches in Uganda, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya. He said that they have trained people to be united in Uganda and the neighbouring countries.

“This is a new religion made in Africa,” he said.  

He was pleased to note that the house was constructed from the contributions of the believers.


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