President Museveni urges Africa to exploit alternative energy sources

Thursday 3rd July 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has called on Africa to exploit alternative energy sources other than over relying on hydropower.

"If you take all rivers in Africa, the total potential is 350,000MW of hydropower. US alone uses 1 million MW of electricity. When you hear Africans talking about potential of hydropower, they don't know what they are talking about. Fortunately we have coal and uranium and later solar energy when it becomes cheaper to generate,” he said.

The President made the remarks today while addressing the Pan-African Youth Conference held at Serena Hotel Kigali running under the theme: 'Beyond Liberation Movements, Sharing our future’.

He also called on Africa's youth to be at the forefront of fighting for cheaper means of transport, water and railway, to link Northern Africa to the South and Eastern Africa to the West.

The President further chaired a meeting with Uganda's Ministers and Technocrats in preparation for the 6th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit held at Serena Auditorium.

While opening the Summit, the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, appreciated his counterparts for joining him in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Rwanda’s liberation.


“We need to add a new dose of urgency and stamina to our projects as every success will present challenges.”

“Success,” continued President Kagame, “means less bureaucracy, better infrastructure, more trade and higher incomes for citizens. There is no better example of liberation than ambitious targets we have set and the work we are doing together.”

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr Tedros Adhanon, appreciated the changing mindsets saying, it should be the rule not the exception.

“You indeed have serious political leadership. This experience of the Integration Projects Summit is a benchmark not only for our region but the rest of Africa.”

He argued that behind every success, there was political will.

“I saw this yesterday at the Ministers' meeting. It wasn't a talkshow. Try to see coordination between LAPSET and the Northern Corridor project. Joint financing is important but financing by boosting savings is very important.”

Dr Tedros further said that being invited as an observer; he perceived that every leader in the region means business saying, it was encouraging.

On the other hand, the South Sudan President, Salva Kiir, encouraged all those who were given assignments at IGAD summit to speed up adding, that youth were crying due to unemployment.

“I thank IGAD member states for mediation role. In fact, some forces have already arrived. If it was not for the intervention of President Museveni, we would have lost so many lives and property.”

He extended his deep condolences to President Uhuru Kenyatta for the loss of lives in Kenya.

In his turn, President Kenyatta recommitted himself to the Integration Projects and thanked counterparts for their commitment saying, one year was fruitful.

Hon. Davis Chirchir presented the Kenya-led projects; power generation and transmission, Crude and refined oil pipelines, commodities exchange and human resource capacity building.

Hon Sam Kutesa presented Uganda-led projects; Standard Gauge Railway, Oil Refinery, ICT and Political Federation.

Hon. Francois Kanimba, Minister of Trade, presented Rwanda-led projects; Immigration, Tourism, Trade, Labour and services, Single Customs Territory, Defence, Peace and Security, Airspace Management.


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