Infrastructure development will create jobs – President Museveni tells youth

Saturday 5th July 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has said that infrastructure development such as Roads, Electricity and Railway in any country is of importance as it attracts investments and creates jobs for the youths.

The President was closing a two-day Pan African Youth Conference at Serena International Hotel Conference in Kigali Rwanda.

The Pan African youth Conference that attracted over one thousand youths from Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Cameroon, Tunisia, Egypt and Zimbabwe among others was held under the theme “Beyond Liberation Movement Sharing Our future”.

The President said that currently the East African Countries are working together in order to solve the problem of infrastructure and that once it is solved, it will create employment for the people, attract investors etc, and create access to markets for locally made produce.

He said in order for any society to develop, it must undergo metamorphosis like happens among insects where they go from egg, larvae, pupae and butterfly.

“In the same way, a society metamorphoses from one stage to another, " he said.

He urged the youths in Africa to cooperate with the old for the development of Africa.

“The old must cooperate with the young and the young must cooperate with the old. You may be young physically but old psychologically with wrong ideas. Young people must not confuse biology with ideology. You may be young biologically but old ideologically. If you have bright ideas, it doesn’t matter your age; you must make good use of your ideology to develop your society,” Museveni emphasized.

On wars and terrorist activities on the African continent, the President said there are three categories of wars; a just war whose cause is always supported by the people, a criminal war always started from within but with no reason and a war of aggression using superior technology.

He blamed the colonial masters on what he described as colonial wars that were eventually defeated by the Africans.

“If they wanted natural resources for trade they should have come to our traditional chiefs and done business rather than grabbing our resources,’’ he said.

The President identified some of the bottlenecks that hindered African development as lack of human resource development where he said Africans were not much educated during colonial times.

“Another strategic bottleneck is human resource development where our people were not educated during colonial times. But now Africa takes education seriously in areas of scientific, technical and managerial skills and the skills of understanding society,’’ he said.

On the African economy, the President said that without markets to sell what is produced, the economy and business will not grow, adding that the African leaders have formed COMESA, and ECOWAS purposely to solve that.

The coordinator for the Pan African Youth Conference, Miss Anne Mazimpaka, while giving the over view of the youth conference, congratulated the African Leaders upon considering youths in their national development programmes.

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