President meets veterans, says commercial agriculture major tool in eradication of poverty

Thursday 24th July 2014

President Museveni received a delegation of NRA veterans at State House Entebbe yesterday.

Addressing the veterans who were led by Lt. Col. James Kateera, he said that commercial agriculture was a major tool in the fight to eradicate poverty.

“You need to ask yourself: How can I use my assets to ensure income which is greater than my expenditure?”

The President said veterans must identify assets they have and do appropriate enterprise selection. He reminded them to cultivate high income generating crops.

He warned that if they cultivate low income generating crops they would not eradicate poverty.

The President revealed that he has since 1995 strived to ensure the welfare of the low income Wananchi.

He noted that there have been cases of people fragmenting land in areas such as the West Nile region, especially upon the death of the family heads. He cautioned the veterans against the negative practice.

The President explained the importance of generation of electricity.

"The industrial sector creates employment opportunities and generates revenue for the country. However, the sector needs electricity at friendly rates. If it is expensive, it discourages investors from coming to Uganda," the President said adding, that the NRM Government has task of increasing electricity generation and supply.

President Museveni said that services such as hotels, boda bodas and salons are some of the sectors that could be utilized to generate income and challenged the veterans to support the Government in its efforts to promote income generation.

He pledged to support their enterprise, Batunda Construction Project association which is engaged in making of concrete pillars.

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