President mourns late Sheikh Kiruuta

Sunday 24th August 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has mourned the late Sheikh Uzairu Kiruuta Salongo describing him as a patriot, Pan Afrinanist and a good Muslim with an upright character.

"The main reason I insisted on coming here is because of the character of the late Kiruuta. He was a real Ugandan who cherished unity. Therefore, when I see Sheikh Kiruuta who valued unity and believed in Uganda and Africa like I do myself, I value him greatly", he said.

President Museveni joined the Muslim community of Bukomansimbi district who attended the last funeral rites [Duwa prayers] for the Late Kiruuta at the deceased’s home in Kabigi Parish Butenga Sub-County Bukomansimbi district.

The late Sheikh Kiruuta, who was a Kadhi for Masaka district for a long time and a prominent elder in Bukomansimbi, died in June 2014. The President could not attend his burial then because of State engagements.

President Museveni stressed that he values all Ugandans and Africans because of their inter-dependency, particularly in terms of trade.

He added that the people of the African continent can only guarantee their future and survival in the world by being solidly united.

He said those who are not aware of that fact are not only a danger to Africa but also to themselves.

He pointed out that the Quran and the Bible bear similar teachings adding, that in Christianity the 2 cardinal commandments are to love God with all one’s heart, strength, mind and soul as well as love one’s neighbour as one loves oneself, stressing that the rest of the commandments hinge on the two.

"How can you love God you have never seen and hate your neighbor you see?” he asked.

The Duwa prayers were attended by the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Mubaje, among other dignitaries.

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