Gaspero Oda was principled - President says at memorial Mass in Arua

Saturday 13th September 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has described the late Gaspero Oda, as a principled person who stood for the truth and for what he knew was correct.

"The late Oda was a man of principle who stuck to what he knew was correct. That is why I had to come and stand by you people on this day of his remembrance", he told the congregation.

The President was at the memorial Mass of the late Hon. Gaspero Oda at his ancestral home in Komite village, Pokea Parish of Pajulu Sub-County, Ayivu County in Arua district.

The Mass was led by the Bishop of Arua Diocese, the Rt. Reverend Sabino Ocan Odoki.

Gaspero Oda was killed by unknown assailants in his home at Komite village on 15th September 1979. He died at the age of 63 years old.

During his political career spanning from the 1950s, he became the first Member of the Legislative Assembly Council (LEGICO) for West Nile and was also the first MP for West Nile and the first Parliamentary Secretary in 1962.
President Museveni briefed the congregation about the political history of Uganda saying he did not know the late Oda personally but got to know him in his early school days when he started being politically active through following keenly what Members of Parliament, including Oda, were doing in the August House.

The President said that during the confusion of the political parties then, most opposition members crossed and joined UPC but Oda, who was a staunch DP supporter along with 7 others, did not.

He, therefore, described the late Oda as a man of principle.

President Museveni, however, cautioned the congregation and the people of Uganda that politics was not a game because if not properly handled it can cause great suffering including loss of life citing the Ombaci mass killings.

Mr. Museveni introduced to the congregation Mrs. Opu Oda Anne Marie, the daughter of the late Oda.

He said that at one time, she welcomed him at her home while he and the family of her late husband Mr. Opu were in exile in Tanzania.

The memorial mass was attended by, among others, the former President General of DP, Dr. Paul Kawanga Semwogerere, Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Arua district officials as well as cultural and religious leaders.

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