President Museveni meets French Army delegation

Wednesday 5th November 2014

President Museveni meets French Army delegation

President Yoweri Museveni has said that he is interested in enlarging cooperation between Uganda and France in security and other sectors.

“Our interest is to deepen and enlarge cooperation between Uganda and France in security and all other areas including tourism, trade and investment,”he said.

The President made the comments today at his ranch in Kisozi, Gomba district when he received and held a meeting with the Commander of the French Army based in Djibouti, Brigadier General Philip Montoccho. French visitor was accompanied, among others, by the French Ambassador to Uganda, Ms. Sophie Makame. The French delegation is in Uganda to look into possible areas of cooperation between the French Army and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

Mr. Museveni noted that France is a land of revolution adding that he was ready to work with France to deal with threats which are common. He told the French delegation that Africa’s biggest challenge was ideological and observed that the people who are causing trouble have their mistakes originating from ideology. He reiterated that prosperity and security are crucial for the people of Uganda, East Africa and the African continent at large.

He strongly criticized sectarianism and tribalism and cited Somalia as an example noting that that Horn of Africa country has suffered misunderstandings that stem from sectarianism.

President Museveni said that the conflict in Eastern Demoocratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has affected the market for Ugandan products. He revealed that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) which has been in the region for 12 years does not have capacity to attack Uganda. President Museveni and the French military delegation discussed the prevailing security situation in Central Africa and condemned opportunists that have used religion to split the people of the Central African Republic.

The Commander of the French Army in Djibouti Brigadier General Philip Montoccho concurred with the President that peace and stability are vital for the people to lead normal lives.

The French Ambassador to Uganda Sophie Makame looked forward to the people of Central Africa having a secure transition to have their democratic rights.

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