President: “Utilize health services to prevent disabilities.”

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has called on the people of Uganda to utilize the health services in the country in order to prevent disabilities.

The President was today speaking at Kitimbwa Primary School, in Kayunga district during the annual celebrations marking International Day of Persons with disabilities. The occasion was marked under the theme “Technology for Persons with Disabilities: Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development.”

“Some people have suffered from stunted growth due to failure to utilize health services. The mothers, who fail to go for ante-natal services, end up with children having such complications,” he said.

He noted that several complications arising from lack of ante-natal services can be avoided and the children born can lead good lives. He urged the people to take care of their health and observed that a good number of people become lame due to accidents that are a result of careless driving and riding bodaboda badly. He, therefore, stressed that what can be avoided must be avoided and urged for the handling of the people that are disabled now and prevent more people from becoming disabled.

President Museveni cautioned the people of Uganda against the dangers posed by the HIV/AIDS scourge. He reiterated that the new HIV infections are due to promiscuity because the NRM Government has taken the relevant precautions of ensuring that blood is screened before it is administered to patients. He also called on parents to educate their children over the dangers of the AIDS virus and urged the people living with the AIDS virus to visit health facilities in order to access ARVs to improve on their health status.

Mr. Museveni reiterated the NRM Government’s commitment to eradicate household poverty noting that most challenges today are due to poverty. He informed wananchi that UPDF Officers have been assigned to distribute seedlings throughout the country as part of the measures towards poverty eradication. He assured the people of Kayunga that the seedlings would be distributed in time for the next planting season. He informed them that the move to deploy soldiers for the agro-programme implementation was taken after NAADS officials misused the allocated funds for agriculture.

The Minister of Gender, Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut, thanked the people with disabilities for remembering where they came from.

The MP for people with disabilities, Hon. Alex Ndeezi, revealed that the people with disabilities from all parts of Uganda have endorsed the Kyankwanzi Resolution that calls for President Museveni to be the sole Presidential candidate for NRM during the 2016 General Elections.

The UNICEF Country Representative, Ms. Aidah Gama, reported that children with disabilities have the same rights as other children. She observed that they are often marginalized by their communities. She also expressed UNICEF’s commendation to the Government of Uganda for ratifying the United Nations stand on children and people with disabilities. She said that UNICEF was enabling the children to participate in matters that affect their lives.

The Chairperson of people with disabilities, Mr. Nyombi saluted President Museveni for bringing them close and also for taking care of them.

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