President advises youth to fear God and avoid alcohol; urges them to attain education for entrepreneurial skills

Thursday 1st January 2015
State House PPU

President Yoweri Museveni has advised the youth of Kiruhuura district in particular and Uganda in general to fear God and work hard for a successful future.

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,” he counseled.

The President, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Janet Museveni, was today attending New Year prayers at Nshwere Church of Uganda in North Ankole Diocese, Kiruhura district.

Mr. Museveni advised the youth to attain education, especially in skills, to enable them engage in entrepreneurial ventures. He also urged parents to counsel their children on the disadvantages of early marriages that are not only detrimental to their health and future but can also lead them to contracting deadly diseases like the HIV/AIDS scourge.

President Museveni further advised the youth to avoid alcohol that, he observed, is one of the major causes of poverty in families. He asked the congregation to embrace the new programme overseen by Army Officers who are distributing planting and breading materials to wanainchi throughout the country.

The wife of the President, Mrs. Janet Museveni, who was instrumental in the construction of Nshwere Churh of Uganda, asked Christians to pray for families of those who contributed in the building of the church. She also urged Christians to work hard for the development of their families.

The Acting Dean of Nshwere Archdeaconry, Rev. Emmanuel Twesigye Katamunanwire, appealed to all Ugandans to abandon their evil deeds of the old year 2014 and reform in the New Year of 2015 for the development of the country.

He thanked President and his wife for finding time in their busy schedules to attend prayers in his Church.

The President later contributed Shs30 million to the Church Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO). 

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