President closes 9th West Ankole Diocesan Youth Forum; advises youth to selfishly protect and safeguard their lives from social evils

Monday 12th January 2015
State House PPU

President Yoweri Museveni has closed West Ankole Diocese youth convention with a strong appeal to the Ugandan youth to treasure their life saying that life is was the most precious resource that God gave to humanity.

The annual youth convention, the 9th of its kind, was organized by West Ankole Diocese under the theme “Walk Wisely” with the aim of sensitizing the youth over the need to lead a positive life that is well focused in order to realize a better future.

The convention attracted more than 10,000 youth from West Ankole Diocese and other parts of the country, was addressed by several religious leaders and educators from the Province of Church of Uganda and other visiting resource people from the United Kingdom, Australia, Rwanda and several educational institutions.

President Museveni strongly advised the youth of the need to selfishly protect and safeguard their lives from social evils such as alcoholism, smoking, pre-marital sex, drug abuse, homosexuality and many others. He cautioned them that these anti-social traits and many more that are common in Uganda today cost the youth their life or endanger it leading to the limiting of their potential with a result that their future becomes ruined. He informed them that after realizing that a big percentage of Uganda’s population was in school where they are prone to being exposed to negative forces, he supported the establishment of Patriotic Clubs in several secondary schools in the country to give social guidance to the young people on how best to manage their lives.

“Mere scientific knowledge and formal education without knowledge on how to manage your lives, is not enough. Don’t be flattered; life is a tricky journey. You need to be careful,” he warned the youth.

“I am now 70 years old and still strong. I would not have gone through all these struggles and done what I have contributed to my country if I had mishandled my life when I was young,” he added.

The President advised them to fear God and follow His teachings through the Holy Books because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and those who fear God don’t committee crimes. He also advised them to concentrate on their education noting that in modern times, education is a must for all. He further advised them to help their parents while on holidays, be patriotic and love Uganda and the African continent.

“You have to love Uganda because you can’t be a youth or have a family when your country is in turmoil,” he said.

The President further encouraged the youth to seek guidance from their parents and their teachers on the right qualifications they need to attain in school that are on demand on the labor market in order to be able to get employment.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, who was the key speaker stressed that the church had decided to organize such conventions tin order o educate the youth and bring them closer to the church. He noted that the youth are the future of the Church and the nation and without them there is no future for both Church and the nation.

West Ankole Diocesan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Yona Katonene reported that the main reason for convening youth conventions is advise them to attach great value to behaviour change among the young people so that they are equipped with the guiding tools early enough to avoid becoming victims of the tempting evils in the modern era. He commended the President for sparing his time to address the youth on pertinent issues of the preservation of their lives as Mr. Museveni has displayed his love and passion for the future of the youth and Uganda as a country.

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