President cautions those who allege he bribes NRM MPs

Saturday 14th January 2012

President YoweriMuseveni and National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement, warned political activists and players who are in the culture of peddling lies that he bribes NRM MPs to support particular lines and policies of government, an act, he said, demonizes NRM MPs in the electorate and the public and an insult to the President. He warned those who are engaged in that act to stop it or else they will be exposed and worked on in accordance with the law.

Addressing members of NRM Parliamentary Caucus last evening, who are on a 10-day retreat at the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi, the President expressed concern that some political activists have made it a habit to give misleading information to the media alleging that the NRM MPs receive bribes from the President whenever they are called on to meet him and said that it was highly regrettable, an insult to him and asked those involved in it to stop.

“Museveni to bribe NRM MPs is a big insult and demonizes the Chairman of NRM who is a decorated General of UPDF”, he said, adding “I am a known mobilizer. I mobilized people in this region to die so as to liberate this country and they did so. What is wrong with me meeting and mobilizing NRM MPs and supporters? Why that is the non-Movement supporters are always concerned when I meet Movement followers yet they have their own political parties,” he wondered.

The President went on to say, “We did not want to go to multi-party politics but we were forced there by those who perished in multi-party. Why are they then worried whenever we are mobilizing Movement people,” he asked.

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